[TUHS] The evolution of Unix facilities and architecture

Diomidis Spinellis dds at aueb.gr
Thu May 11 00:08:15 AEST 2017

I've made available on GitHub a series of tables showing the evolution 
of Unix facilities (as documented in the man pages) over the system's 
lifetime [1] and two diagrams where I attempted to draw the 
corresponding architecture [2].  I've also documented the process in a 
short blog post [3].  I'd welcome any suggestions for corrections and 
improvements you may have, particularly for the architecture diagrams.

[1] https://dspinellis.github.io/unix-history-man/
[2] https://dspinellis.github.io/unix-architecture/
[3] https://www.spinellis.gr/blog/20170510/



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