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Can't help much, but I did write fish and ching.

ching took a string from the input, hashed it, converted into
hexagrams, and quoted a couple of lines of i Ching text .  The text
was copied from a book, presumably copyrighted, although considering
how long ago this all was maybe the copyright has expired now...

I wrote fish for my young son -- it played the kids game.  Without
graphics it wasn't very compelling.  But there is an interesting
story about it.  A couple of weeks after the first version, I
realized that if my opponent (e.g., the computer) asked me for, e.g. a
six, and later I drew a six, I should ask the opponent for sixes. 
With this small change the game defeated all kids and most adults, and
the game was even less interesting as a result.  I ended up putting
in an option to dumb the game back to its original level.

A couple of years later, at a Usenix meeting, I was publicly called
out for writing a game "that cheated".    Unless somebody hacked my
code somewhere along the way, the game simply played excellent


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 > > Can you characterize what the 3rd-party material might be?
 > Me personally, no. But there are others on the list who can help do
 > Hopefully they will chime in!

 Here's a list, gathered from the manuals, of stuff that Bell Labs 
 may not have the right to redistribute, with some (uncertain)
 attributions of origin. I did not check to see which of them appear
 the TUHS archives; I doubt that /usr/src fully covered /bin and

 This list is at best a first draft. Please weigh in with corrections.


 Kernel internet code. BSD

 Imported commands

 esterel INRIA
 lisp, liszt, lxref MIT
 icont, iconc Arizona
 macsyma MIT
 maple Maplesoft
 Mail BSD
 matlab Mathworks
 more BSD (From the manpage: "More, a paginator that lives up to its
name, has
 too many features to describe." Its prodigality has been eclipsed by
 netnews Duke
 ops5 CMU
 pascal, pc BSD
 pxp BSD
 readnews, checknews, postnews Duke
 sdb BSD
 smp Wolfram
 spitbol IIT
 telnet BSD
 tex Stanford
 tset BSD
 vi, ex, edit BSD

 Commands I'm not sure about, could be from Bell Labs


 Library functions

 termcap BSD

 Imported games

 adventure, zork, aarvark, rogue
 doctor MIT
 trek, ogre, sol, warp, sail

 Games I'm not sure about

 boggle, hangman
 cribbage, fish

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