[TUHS] 8th Edition Research Unix on SIMH

David du Colombier 0intro at gmail.com
Fri Mar 31 04:30:31 AEST 2017

This image is ready to be used with aiju's Blit emulator,
which is available as part of 9front.


This emulator works on most Plan 9 distributions. You just
have to copy the /sys/lib/blit and /sys/src/games/blit
directories to your system.

With the v8.ini startup file provided, the console will be
listening on port 8888/tcp once SIMH has been started.

You have to run the emulator and connect to the console:

% cd /sys/src/games/blit
% mk install
% games/blit -t tcp!hostname!8888

Once connected, enter your login and password.

login: root

Then, you can launch the mux window system:

$ /usr/blit/bin/mux

Once started, you can run any graphical program.
Binaries are located in the /usr/blit/bin directory.

For example, here is jim text editor:


David du Colombier

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