[TUHS] Were all of you.. Hippies?

Tim Bradshaw tfb at tfeb.org
Fri Mar 24 00:00:10 AEST 2017

On 22 Mar 2017, at 22:35, Nick Downing <downing.nick at gmail.com> wrote:
> It was not just the convenience and productivity improvements but that the 'hit' was coming harder and faster.

I think this is completely right, and is the reason that really interactive / resident environments can be so catastrophically addictive.  Even on a fairly slow machine it doesn't take more than a second or so to compile a single function, and the whole edit/save/compile/link/debug cycle becomes compressed to edit/compile-one-function/debug, with cycle times of a few seconds.  I have quite seriously lost a year of my life this way, although I am reasonably sure that part of the problem is that the Xerox d-machines were actually made by the Fair Folk and using them for any length of time results in the standard issues associated with dealing with artifacts of the Fay.

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