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On 3/22/2017 12:26 PM, Ron Natalie wrote:
> Early on when I was consulting for what would become my company, I got stuck
> on a weekend to fix something with the coffee pot and a box of Entenmann's
> chocolate donuts.   These have a coating that's kind of like wax you have to
> soften up in the hot coffee to be digestable.    As a result of that weekend
> any crunch time was referred to as waxy chocolate donut time.    Another
> crunch weekend I was working on the firmware for an esoteric digital data
> tape player.    I would test it.   Find the fault.   Go to one machine
> running Xenix on a 286 which had the editor and the assembler.   I'd then
> floppy it over to a DOS machine that had the EPROM burner.    I then would
> take the eprom and stick it into the controller.   The president of the
> company had two jobs.   He was to follow behind me and refill my coffee cup
> and scarf up the used EPROMS and dump them into the eraser so we wouldn't
> run out of ones to program.
> For years, we were a six person company of which only me and the president
> drank coffee.    When the one pot we made in the morning was gone, that was
> it for coffee.    As the company got larger and there were more coffee
> drinkers, people would just make a new pot.   This coincided with me having
> my office moved adjacent to the coffee maker.    Every time I had a long
> compile or something I'd look down and see my cup was empty and I'd pop
> outside and get a new cup.    Not surprisingly, I started to get heart
> palpitations.    The doctor asks how much coffee I drank, and I tell her
> something like thirty cups a day.   She tells me I may want to cut back on
> that.
> My best job was working for a friend whose company operates out of his home.
> He'd make espresso for me and we'd drink that (and eat his wife's excellent
> leftover food) until about six and then being another wine judge, we'd
> switch to wine.
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> I don't know about other people, but I think the whole dope thing is why
> computer people tend *not* to be hippies in the 'dope smoking' sense.  I
> need to be *really awake* to write reasonably good code (if ever I do write
> reasonably good code) in the same way I need to be really awake to do maths
> or physics.  So I live on a diet of coffee and sugar and walk around
> twitching as a result (this is an exaggeration, but you get the idea).  I
> have the strength of will to not use stronger stimulants (coffee is mostly
> self-limiting, speed not so much).

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