[TUHS] Were all of you.. Hippies?

Steffen Nurpmeso steffen at sdaoden.eu
Tue Mar 21 07:48:58 AEST 2017

Maybe of interest, here is something spacewarish..

  |I was at Berkeley until July 1981.

I had to face a radio program which purported that..

  Alles, was die digitale Kultur dominiert, haben wir den Hippies
  zu verdanken.

  Anything which dominates the digital culture is owed to the

This "We owe it all to the Hippies" as well as "The real legacy of
the 60s generation is the Computer Revolution" actually in English
on [1] (talking about the beginning of the actual broadcast), the
rest in German.  But it also lead(s) (me) to an article of the
Rolling Stone, December 1972, on "Fanatic Life and Symbolic Death
Among the Computer Bums"[2].

  [1] http://www.swr.de/swr2/programm/sendungen/essay/swr2-essay-flowerpowerdatenterror/-/id=659852/did=18984524/nid=659852/1cbfavu/index.html
  [2] http://www.wheels.org/spacewar/stone/rolling_stone.html

That makes me quite jealous of your long hair, i see manes
streaming in the warm wind of a golden Californian sunset.

I don't think the assessment is right, though, i rather think it
is a continous progress of science and knowledge, then maybe also
pushed by on-all-fronts efforts like "bringing a moon to the moon
by the end of the decade", and, sigh, SDI, massive engineer and
science power concentration, etc.  And crumbs thereof approaching
the general public, because of increased knowledge in the
industry.  (E.g., the director of the new experimental German
fusion reactor that finally sprang into existence claimed
something like "next time it will not be that expensive due to
what everybody has learned".)  And hunger for money, of course,
already in the 70s we had game consoles en masse in Italy, for
example, with Pacman, Donkey Kong and later then with Dragons Lair
or what its name was ("beautiful cool graphics!" i recall, though
on the street there were Italian peacocks, and meaning the


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