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It was a very constrained environment, but it's real power was in its WYSIWYG, and it's soft fonts.

I blame GEOS for making my c64 too productive as a kid as I so wanted one of those fancy 16bit machines.  I ended up buying used pc parts to amass my first PC, as my parents were dead set that you could do anything on the c64, and upgrading was pointless...

On March 19, 2017 7:32:39 AM GMT+08:00, Nick Downing <downing.nick at gmail.com> wrote:
>There was a dude who came to our school in Melbourne Australia from the
>United States, I would have been 13 so that makes it 1988. We had C64s
>and this American dude loaded GEOS onto one and started using it for a
>bit of stuff. We were flabbergasted as we didn't think the C64 was
>capable more than just Logo or a few games, I think we might have had
>some terrible CBM wordprocessor but GEOS kicked the pants off it. Sadly
>by this time we were getting PC based and there was also a Mac 512k in
>head teacher's office that you could use with permission. So it was not
>more than a novelty but I still think that GEOS is an amazing bit of
>cheers Nick
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> | |Doh!  It just strikes me that the term I have been missing is
>"window \
> | |manager."  Early Macs, Windows, Oberon, etc., were window managers.
> |
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> |  [2] javascript:;
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> |
> |Not to forget GEOS on Commodore 64, years before Windows.
> |
> |Actually it was not "years before Windows".  Windows 1.0 was released
> |
> |1985, while GEOS for Commodore 64 in 1986.  If we are talking about
>That is Wikipedia, but i bet i was not more than a quarter of
>a year.  In fact i am a bit surprised, my parents divorced when
>i was fourteen, and i really can remember myself using GEOS
>proper.  And then, this was all in 8-bit, 64 KB, 1 MHz!  However
>they did that!  With paint program, write program..
> |"window managers" I think it is desirable to also mention early text
> |
> |window managers like PathMinder which was released before Windows, in
> |
> |1984.
>Ya, hm, i surely was a books rat at that time.

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