[TUHS] GNU vs BSD before the lawsuit and before Linux

Jeremy C. Reed reed at reedmedia.net
Sat Mar 18 04:52:38 AEST 2017

> This brings up questions about how GNU and BSD operated around 1990ish.
> I'm aware of Bostic's campaign to replace the AT&T code in BSD, which led
> to the almost-completely-free Net/2. What I wonder is how much of this was
> duplicating work also done under the GNU umbrella? How much of it was
> authors donating their rewritten utilities to both projects? What was the
> state of the GNU project when Bostic started his campaign?

Have a look at the following:

GNU's Bulletin, vol. 1 no. 6, January, 1989
Contents of Beta Test Tape

GNU's Bulletin, vol. 1 no. 7, June, 1989
"A collection of utilities for file manipulation, including ls, mv, cp, 
cat, rm, du, head, tail and cmp will be released soon."
"The GNU project is working to provide reimplementations of System V 
features that Berkeley Unix lacks, such as improved shells and make 

GNU's Bulletin, vol. 1 no. 9, June 1990
GNU Project Status Report
"We have added a collection of utilities for file manipulation to the 
Pre-Release tape. The collection includes ls, mv, cp, cat, rm, du, head, 
tail, cmp, chmod, mkdir, and ln."

So around same time GNU project didn't publish some the most common 
tools, but soon did. I didn't check, but I am pretty sure these are all 
different code than the rewritten BSD code. Duplicated work.

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