[TUHS] X, Suntools, and the like

Ron Natalie ron at ronnatalie.com
Sat Mar 18 01:06:20 AEST 2017

I beg to differ.   The Star not only pioneered the WISIWYG application
presentation also the concept of the desktop.   The whole conscept of
dropping documents as icons on the desktop appears to have orginated there.
Of course, as with a lot of nifty stuff PARC and the other Xerox research
guys came up with, it never really saw wholesale product development.

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    > From: "Ron Natalie"

    > I think most people will attribute the desktop metaphor to Xerox.

Strictly speaking, to Smalltalk (from PARC); things like Bravo, and the
basic user command interface on the Alto (I forget what its name was),
didn't have any concept of windows/desktop (although Bravo did use the
bitmap screen).


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