[TUHS] Does this mean Linux is now "officially branded UNIX"?

Random832 random832 at fastmail.com
Thu Mar 16 01:16:23 AEST 2017

On Wed, Mar 15, 2017, at 10:14, Joerg Schilling wrote:
> It seems that you do not understand POSIX the right way.
> POSIX does not invent new features but rather standardizes existing
> features 
> present in existing UNIX implementations.

Yes but what I was suggesting was that this may have been a case of too
eagerly standardizing a new feature that one implementation had added
without considering whether there was a good reason to impose that
feature on other implementations.

I mean, surely not *everything* that SVr4 does is in POSIX. There must
therefore be some rationale for selecting which features, particularly
features that are not already universal, to standardize. So what was the
rationale for including this one?

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