[TUHS] Quick question: earliest Unix system with mail, uucp and bangpaths?

Warren Toomey wkt at tuhs.org
Mon Mar 13 22:47:06 AEST 2017

As I go to bed, I wonder. Which was the earliest system that used uucp to
send mail through multiple systems to a remote user?

I see V7 has uucp/sdmail.c, but the comment says: This is only implemented
for local system mail at this time. Ditto 32V and 3BSD.

4BSD has delivermail. Its uucp has a README which says: The ``mail'' command
has been modified, so that it may only be used to send mail, when it is
invoked under a name beginning with 'r'. 3BSD has the same uucp.

Ah, but 32V's mail.c checks for 'r':
and so does V7:

So I guess I've just answered my question. It also looks like delivermail
from 4.1BSD could compile on V7, so it might be fun to try and bring a
V7 system up on uucp+mail. But will it (delivermail?) do bang paths?!

Cheers, Warren
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