[TUHS] Move the uucp/news stuff off-list?

Warren Toomey wkt at tuhs.org
Sat Mar 11 13:08:19 AEST 2017

All, there might be a flurry of e-mails as the uucp/news stuff gets
set up. I think we should move the actual setup messages off-list and
keep TUHS for anecdotes & questions about the old systems. Sound OK?
If so, I can set up another list.

I noticed that seismo is not as well connected (historically) as decvax,
so I've turned seismo into decvax, and I now have three systems on three
physically different boxes:

	munnari ----------- decvax ---------- inhp4 
	at home		  simh.tuhs.org	    minnie.tuhs.org
	behind NAT	     5000	      5000

I'm happy to pass either decvax or inhp4 onto someone if someone
else really wants one of them.

Cheers, Warren
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