[TUHS] uucp protocol nits

Corey Lindsly corey at lod.com
Sat Mar 11 08:26:18 AEST 2017

> The company I was at was one of the early resellers of the Trailblazer.  =
> I have fond memories of hauling one out for an on-site demo for a =
> company running some flavour of 3B2.  We hooked it up to a serial port, =
> cu-ed out to our office server, and then I did a simple cat of a large =
> text file to show off the throughput.

Anyone remember using cu ~%put / ~%take commands to transfer files across 
dial-up lines on systems that didn't speak uucp? No error correction, 
just blast those bytes. Binary files through an acoustic coupler modem 
were always a particularly tricky proposition. Fun times.


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