[TUHS] Harasing whistlers (Was: UUCP mis-history?)

Ron Natalie ron at ronnatalie.com
Fri Mar 10 02:31:17 AEST 2017

I don't buy either story.   The ORIGINATING modems in the 103 days didn't
make any sound.   It was the answering modem that whistled.

Anyhow, one other TIP/MODEM story (this one was true), we that when we were
in college at JHU, the closest TIP was a long distance call from the
Mike Muuss placed a collect call to the Pentagon TIP, explaining to the
operator that we were calling a computer and if it answered with a tone, it
accepted the charges.
Worked a few times.

Of course,later on Brian Redman and Peter Langston were messing around with
a programmable PBX and set the thing to anser the phone:

Bell Communications Research (long pause) Yes, Operator! I'll accept the

More often than not, the timing was just about right for the operator to say
"I have a collect call from Ron Natalie" in the pause.

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