[TUHS] Historical uucp maps?

Norman Wilson norman at oclsc.org
Thu Mar 9 12:33:27 AEST 2017

Warning Toomey:

  In ASCII at http://www.redace.org/html/logical_usenet_map_1984.html


That's no UUCP map.  It's a USENET map: a map of netnews
propagation.  No, they're not the same at all: many places
that used UUCP to exchange mail didn't participate in

In particular I see a site I used to run with none of its
important mail links like ihnp4, and only a link to a
system I don't remember at all.  I had left that site
a few weeks before that map was published, but I stayed
in touch with the folks there; had all the mail links
been torn down I'd have known.  Had someone decided it
was worth while dipping a toe into netnews, though
(something I never bothered with) I might not.

In fact I suspect it would be difficult to find
believable maps for UUCP except amongst major forwarders.
At its peak it was an extremely informal network, with
lots of links that weren't published anywhere because
people at site A wanted to keep in touch with those at
sites B and C but didn't want to pay the bills to
forward mail between B and C, let alone between those
sites and places twelve time zones away.

Norman Wilson
Toronto ON

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