[TUHS] Help request: uucp, mail on 4.2BSD

Arthur Krewat krewat at kilonet.net
Thu Mar 9 09:39:53 AEST 2017

I've still got my Worldblazer, and a Trailblazer that I found in a 
storage closet at a defense contractor I was consulting for back in the 
mid 90's.

I'm seriously thinking of getting my SVR4.2 system back up and running 
and seeing if I can get Taylor UUCP to function again.

Of course, I didn't make the UUCP maps until the early 90's... but still :)

On 3/8/2017 6:18 PM, Cory Smelosky wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 8, 2017, at 15:07, Arthur Krewat wrote:
>> This is one of the reasons Telebit did the whole UUCP "g" acceleration
>> in the Trailblazer/Worldblazer modems.
>> The turn-around time for the small packets being acknowledged was so bad
>> over normal modems that it was painful.
>> So Telebit made the modem do the acknowledgements (IIRC), stream the
>> data over the phone line, and the receiving end would "play along" on
>> the acknowledgements.
>> It was very effective for news especially.
>> On 3/8/2017 5:03 PM, Joerg Schilling wrote:
>>> During that "modem" time, I started with a 2400 baud modem and soon
>>> upgraded
>>> to a US-Robotics modem. It turned out that UUCP had several issues and was not
>>> very effective with high speed modems.
>>> ...SNIP...
>>> Jörg
> I need to pull my Telebits out now, don't I? ;)

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