[TUHS] Help request: uucp, mail on 4.2BSD

Joerg Schilling schily at schily.net
Thu Mar 9 08:03:36 AEST 2017

Warren Toomey <wkt at tuhs.org> wrote:

> Hi all, as part of my effort to recreate part of a simulated Usenet,
> I'm trying to bring up uucp, then mail, then C-news on 4.2BSD boxes.
> I've got a hardwired serial port between them, and I can see a basic

In case it is if interest...

I used modems between 1986 and january 1993 (when I started to use a self 
built ISDN adaptor that was connected as a piggy back to the Sun-3/50 or 
Sun-3/60 EPROM socket).

During that "modem" time, I started with a 2400 baud modem and soon upgraded 
to a US-Robotics modem. It turned out that UUCP had several issues and was not 
very effective with high speed modems.

For this reason, I started with the BSD-4.2 UUCP sources and created a new 
protocol that I called "s" protocol. This protocol was based on the "g" 
protocol but used larger packet sizes. Here is my comment header for "sio.c":

 * High speed modem protocol with flow control.
 * The s protocol was designed to be used with high speed modems which
 * have no built in protocol spoofing for the g protocol.
 * The s protocol is almost the g protocol with a greater packetsize
 * and some mapping, to allow software flow control to work.
 * If the operating system is able to do hardware/software flow control
 * which is not 8-bit transparent, the s protocol will use the
 * 8-bit data path. If the data path is only 7-bit wide on one or both
 * directions the s protocol will use additional mapping in the
 * appropriate direction to ensure an overall 8-bit wide datapath.
 * The s protocol relies on a packet driver with some minor changes.
 * The modifications on the packet driver are:
 *      -       some minor bug-fixes, so packet sizes > 128 bytes will work.
 *      -       allow to specify transport routines different from read/write
 *              to enable the mapping of flow control characters.
 * These changes will not stop the g protocol to work.
 * Author:
 *      J. Schilling, Berlin 1990
 * N.B.: The main code was stolen from the g-protocol.


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