[TUHS] Need your help for 2019

Paul Ruizendaal pnr at planet.nl
Mon Mar 6 21:16:48 AEST 2017

On 6 Mar 2017, at 4:44 , Jason Stevens wrote:

> One thing I'd change for starters is the boot block code to just automatically load the right kernel, and get the system to come up normally on its own.... But it's cool.
> Yes. Thank you for reminding me that web emulators already exist. With
> some googling I found this one:
> http://skn.noip.me/pdp11/pdp11.html

Yes, agree. The main emulation is 2,000 lines of JS, the I/O devices are 1,500 lines. That's quite manageable for making a few changes.

Hopefully I will have some time later this year to add 'direct run' emulations to the TUHS site based on this code (assuming Warren agrees). The idea would be that next to Archive and the Tree there would be emulation. A visitor would go to e.g. the V5 page of the Tree and also find a link to run V5 in emulation. From the SIMH and Nankervis sites images for:
- V5
- V6
- V7
- 2.9BSD
- 2.11BSD
appear to be already available (but the SIMH images may include devices not supported by the current Nankervis code). I'm not quite sure if and how networking could be enabled for 2.9BSD and 2.11BSD - at least the network card would need to be emulated and somehow translated to web socket connections. Same goes for adding live UUCP emulation to the V7 demo or live Arpanet emulation to a future NCP Unix demo.

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