[TUHS] Need your help for 2019

Cory Smelosky b4 at gewt.net
Sat Mar 4 14:15:57 AEST 2017

On Fri, Mar 3, 2017, at 19:16, Warren Toomey wrote:
> Mid-year 2019 is the 50th anniversary of the creation of Unix and I've
> been quietly agitating for something to be done to celebrate this. Up to
> now, there's been little response.
> The original Unix user's group, Usenix, will hold its Annual Technical
> Conference on the west coast of the US at this time, so it would make
> sense
> to do something in conjunction with this conference. Some suggestions:
> - a terminal room with a bunch of period terminals: ASR-33s, -37s,
> VT100s,
>   VT102s, VT220s
> - these connected to real/emulated Unix systems either locally or via a
>   terminal server and telnet to remotely emulated systems
> - some graphical terminals: Sun pizza boxes, a Blit would be great
> - if possible, some actual real PDP-11s, VAXen
> - emulated systems: V1 to V7 Unix, 32V, the BSDs etc. In fact there are
>   plenty of Unix versions that we could run in emulated mode.
> - Unix of course was one of the systems used to implement the Arpanet
>   protcols, so it would be interesting to get some of the real/emulated
>   systems networked together
> - how about an emulated UUCP network with Usenet on top of it, and
>   some mail/news clients on the emulated systems.
> - retro workshops/tutorials: how to edit with ed, using nroff, posting
>   a Usenet article, dealing with bang paths.
> I'm proposing to gather a bunch of people to start the ball rolling on
> the
> technical/demonstration side. We'd need people:
> - with terminals, portable PDP-11s and VAXen, Sun boxen
> - prepared to set up emulated systems
> - who can help bring the networking (UUCP, Usenet, Arpanet) back to life
> - willing to write and run workshops that show off this old technology
> - to help set up terminal servers and all the RS-232 to telnet stuff
> Some of this we can start doing now, e.g. rebuild an emulated Arpanet,
> Usenet, get emulated systems up, build front-end telnet interfaces.
> Is there anybody willing to sign up for this? I think once we have some
> momentum, we can tell the Usenix people and get some buy-in from them.
> Post back and/or e-mail me if you can help. Thanks, Warren
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Where on the west coast?

  Cory Smelosky
  b4 at gewt.net

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