[TUHS] SCO OpenDesktop 386 2.0.0

Cory Smelosky b4 at gewt.net
Thu Mar 2 08:52:03 AEST 2017

That's easier than the way I did it ;)

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> On Mar 1, 2017, at 14:45, Josh Good <pepe at naleco.com> wrote:
>> On 2017 Feb 27, 14:59, Arthur Krewat wrote:
>> I've been trying this myself today, both on ESXi 6.0U2, and I went and 
>> installed ESXi 5.0 as a guest under 6.0U2 :)
>> I notice that when I put the CD as IDE 1:0 (bus 1, master) it doesn't 
>> find it. When I put it as 0:0 (bus 0, master), it hangs loading the IDE 
>> driver.
>> I suspect it doesn't know about bus 1, so it doesn't hang but also 
>> doesn't find it, and there's something wrong with either VMware's 
>> implementation of IDE, or SCO's handling of it - or both. I've read 
>> where lots of devices in VMware are just to "perfect" for some device 
>> drivers to deal with. One glaring example was you couldn't use the LSI 
>> SAS driver with Solaris 11. It would either hang or panic, I forget 
>> which. Switch to LSI Parallel SCSI, and it was fine.
>> Anyway, I suspect that there's something in the IDE driver that's 
>> ignoring bus1, and hanging with VMware's implementation of it.
>> I'm going to try installing ESXi 4.0 and see what happens.
>> On another note, it's possible I just need to install the hard drive as 
>> IDE from the get-go, have the CDROM as slave on bus 0 and see what happens.
>> Any pointers?
>> thanks!
>> art k.
>>> On 2/27/2017 12:12 PM, Cory Smelosky wrote:
>>> Corey Lindsly wrote:
>>>>> Count me in. I put my hand up for a copy of SCO when they were 
>>>>> offering free
>>>>> samplers in the early 2000s, but never heard back from them.
>>>>> I wanted to compare it with Linux ...
>>>>> Thanks
>>>>> Wesley Parish
>>>> For anyone interested, the SCO 2.1 images are available for download 
>>>> here:
>>>> http://lod.com/sco
>>>> A few things:
>>>> 1. I am having some difficulty getting it to install in VMWare ESXi 
>>>> 5. The
>>>> floppy image boots, and I get some way into the install process, but SCO
>>>> install does not see the virtual CD-ROM drive. Thus, I'm presented with
>>>> network install options only. At this point, there are a few options:
>>>> (a) Track down the driver and/or VMWare settings to fix the CD-ROM
>>>> visibility, and proceed with the install.
>>>> (b) Set up a SCO network install server, and proceed.
>>>> (c) Try the install on legacy physical hardware instead.
> I got it to install successfully, in VMware Server 1.0.2.
> The solution is to boot normally with the "id.dd" floppy image provided
> by Corey Lindsly, with the ISO image also provided by Corey configured
> as IDE 0:1 (first channel, slave), and with a virtual IDE disk (I'm
> using 8 GB of size) as 0:0 (first channel, master).
> This setup leads to the already known IDE driver hanging. It's a
> problem with the IDE driver provided by SCO with UnixWare 2.1. So,
> when the install process asks whether you want to use a "HBA diskette",
> load into your PC emulator's virtual floppy drive the updated "HBA
> diskette" image provided by SCO for UnixWare 2.1.3, which is here:
> ftp://ftp.sco.com/pub/UW21/upd213/hba213.img
> This will stop the UnixWare 2.1 IDE driver from hanging, and the
> install process will proceed successfully to completion.
> It should work equally well in VirtualBox.
> Regards,
> -- 
> Josh Good

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