[TUHS] Array index history

Larry McVoy lm at mcvoy.com
Fri Jun 9 06:17:05 AEST 2017

> I know that Burroughs' iron ran ALGOL; I shudder to think of any box that 
> runs native PERL...

Huh?  If I couldn't have C on the iron I'd be ecstatic with perl 4 (I'm old,
never warmed up to perl 5).  

In fact, while I was at Sun I proposed rewriting a pile of /usr/bin in
perl 4 just because it would be more maintainable.  I did walk that back
at some point but I love me some perl.

I've moved on because I created my own C/perl combo language and that's
what I do most of my programming in these days.


is an example.  I'm in Europe right now, you can see the results of photos.l
here (warning ~8MB of thumbnails):


I'm very fond of that language, it's like a scripting version of C,
has structs, but has all the fun stuff from perl.

Docs here:


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