[TUHS] 211bsd: kernel panic after a 'here document' in tcsh

Walter F.J. Mueller w.f.j.mueller at retro11.de
Tue Jun 6 00:12:47 AEST 2017


I'm using 211bsd (Version 447) and found that a 'here document' in tcsh
leads to a kernel panic. It's absolutely reproducible on my system, both
when run it on my FPGA PDP-11 or in simh. Just doing

   cat << EOF

is enough, and I get

     ka6 31333 aps 147472
     pc 161324 ps 30004
     ov 4
     cpuerr 20
     trap type 0
     panic: trap
     syncing disks... done

looking at the crash dump gives

   cd /etc/crash
   ./why 4
     0147372: _boot(05000,0100) from    ~panic+072
     0147414: _etext(011350) from ~trap+0350
     0147450: ~trap() from call+040
     0147516: _psignal(0101520,0160750) from ~trap+0364
     0147554: ~trap() from call+040

so the crash is in psignal, which is afaik the kernel internal
mechanism to dispatch signals.

   1. has anybody seen this before ?
   2. any idea what the reason could be ?

		With best regards, 	Walter

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