[TUHS] Early Internet work (Was: History of select(2))

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Mon Jan 30 12:50:03 AEST 2017

    > From: Paul Ruizendaal

    > Great! I'd love to take a look at all that.

OK, it'll all be appearing once we have a chance to get organized (it's all
mixed in with personal files).

    > That is very interesting. It may be related to the V6 with NCP from
    > UoI/DTI.

I think it _is_ the V6 from UoI/DTI. The source has Gary (?) Grossman's and
Steve Holmgren's name on it, and the headers say they date from 1074-75.

    > The printout does not have the kernel modifications with it, so it would
    > be great if your archive does include that.

The archive does include the complete kernel, but i) the changes aren't listed
in any way (I forsee a lot of 'diffs', unless you just take the entire
kernel), ii) there's a file called 'history' which contains a long list of
general changes/improvements of the kernel not really related to TCP/IP, by a
long list of people, dated from the middle of '78 to the middle of '79. So it
looks like he started with a considerably modified system.

The only client code I see is User Telnet. (The MIT code has User and
Server Telnet and FTP, as well as SMTP, but it uses a wholly different
TCP interface.)


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