[TUHS] Rje / sna networking

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>Subject: [TUHS] Rje / sna networking
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>Casual interest,

>Anyone ever used RJE from SYS-III - IBM mainframe remote job entry
>System? I started on Edition 7 on an interdata so I am (pretty much) too young
>for that era, unless I am fooling myself.


In the 90sh DEC in Europe had a number of products on top of SCO UNIX
3.2V4.2 calling DECadvantage (from the German part of former Philips
Information Systems). Included were an SNA environment with 3270
display/print, 3770/RJE, and APPC. I've used RJE for downloading daily
reports in one of the banks here in Thailand. Long time ago though.
Still have various sample scripts I put together that time.

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