[TUHS] NFS aka the guy who brought up SVr4 on Sun machines

Steve Simon steve at quintile.net
Wed Jan 11 10:56:52 AEST 2017

Beware of confusion.

There is the 8th and 9th edition remote file protocol
(I have papers somewhere I think), by Weinberger.
This evolved into 9p, Plan9’s file protocol.

There is also RFS, I think a USG package for SYSVr3. The paper I have 
About this is by Author L Sabsevitz, though I don’t know if he was the author
of the code, or just the paper.

They are rather different beasts with similar names.


> On 10 Jan 2017, at 21:43, Larry McVoy <lm at mcvoy.com> wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 10, 2017 at 10:40:03PM +0100, Joerg Schilling wrote:
>> The nice idea in RFS was that it supported remote devices, but the iotcl 
>> handling was a problem in AT&T UNIX before SVr4 ??? added a flag to tell 
>> whether the data source was in kernel or userland. I am not sure wether RFS 
>> had a concept like XDR for ioctls.
> I believe it did not.
>> The funny thing: RFS was supported in SunOS4, but not in SunOS-5.
> And Howard Chartok was ecstatic over that decision (he was my office
> mate and did the port into SunOS 4.x.  Not one of his favorite projects.)

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