[TUHS] the guy who brought up SVr4 on Sun machines

Berny Goodheart berny at berwynlodge.com
Wed Jan 11 02:57:55 AEST 2017

> On 10 Jan 2017, at 16:20, Joerg Schilling <schily at schily.net> wrote:
> Berny Goodheart <berny at berwynlodge.com> wrote:
>> Here???s the breakdown of SVR4 kernel lineage as I recall it. I am pretty sure this is correct. But I am sure many of you will put me right if I am wrong ;)
>> From BSD:
>> TCP/IP			<=== NO, Svr4 uses a STREAMS based TCP/IP stack

Correct. Sort of. in SVR4 it was defo STREAMS based. But in earlier SVRx versions it was the BSD stuff.
>> C Shell
>> Sockets			<=== NO, BSD has sockets in kernel, SVr4 in
> 					userland
But I dont recall seeing sockets in SVRx until SVR4.

>> Process groups and job Control
>> Some signals
>> FFS in UFS guise		<=== NO, rather taken from SunOS-4
I am not sure on this so I will agree ;)

>> Multi groups/file ownership
>> Some system calls
>> COFF				<=== NO, COFF was from SysV and deprecated in Svr4
I defo have this one wrong. You are correct.

>> From SunOS:
>> vnodes
>> VFS
>> VM
>> mmap
>> LWP and kernel threads
>> /proc				<=== NO, /proc did not exist in SunOS-4
Yes, it came from Roger at AT&T

>> Dynamic linking extensions
>> NFS
>> RPC
>> XDR
>> From SVR3:
>> .so libs			<=== What should this be?
> 					I am not even sure whether SVr4 included
> 					backwards compatibility for the SVr3
> 					"installed" shared libraries.
>> revamped signals and trampoline code +++++sigset() was not in SVr2, I believe 
> 						it was not available in svr3 as 
> 						well and rather invented for 
> 						Svr4
Hmm… I am not sure this is totally correct. I was working on the trampoline code myself in SVR2 which was released as SVR3 but sigset and relatives didnt come until SVR4 and the trampoline code was again revamped in SVR4 by guess who….Sun.

>> VFSSW				<=== NO, this is from SunOS-4
I am prety sure this was from AT&T albeit, it was probably Sun developed.

>> RFS
>> STREAMS and TLI		<=== SVr3 did not have STREAMS
SVR3 defo had STREAMS. 

>> IPC (Shared memory, Message queues, semaphores) <=== Already in SunOS-4
But it was in SysV before SunOS-4. Much of Solaris IPC came from the SysV code together with POSIX IPC and some extras….doors.
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