[TUHS] the guy who brought up SVr4 on Sun machines

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> On 10 Jan 2017, at 16:16, pechter at gmail.com wrote:
> Wasn't msg SVR4... It was in the Xelos sources @Concurrent Computer which was an SVR2 port.  Xelos didn't do paging but the source in 87 or 88 or so had ksh in it. 
> I. built it for SVR4 on my Xelos 3230 back in the day. 

msgs goes back as far as SVR2.

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> I have been trolling these many threads lately of interest. So thought I should chip in.
> "SVr4 was not based on SunOS, although it incorporated
> many of the best features of SunOS 4.x”.
> IMHO this statement is almost true (there were many great features from BSD too!).
> SunOS 5.0 was ported from SVR4 in early 1991 and released as Solaris 2.0 in 1992 for desktop only.
> Back in the late 80s, Sun and AT&T partnered development efforts so it’s no surprise that SunOS morphed into SVR4. Indeed it was Sun and AT&T who were the founding members of Unix International…with an aim to provide direction and unification of SVR4.
> I remember when I went to work for Sun (much later in 2003), and found that the code base was remarkably similar to the SVR4 code (if not exact in many areas).
> Here’s the breakdown of SVR4 kernel lineage as I recall it. I am pretty sure this is correct. But I am sure many of you will put me right if I am wrong ;)
> From BSD:
> C Shell
> Sockets
> Process groups and job Control
> Some signals
> FFS in UFS guise
> Multi groups/file ownership
> Some system calls
> From SunOS:
> vnodes
> VM
> mmap
> LWP and kernel threads
> /proc
> Dynamic linking extensions
> From SVR3:
> .so libs
> revamped signals and trampoline code
> IPC (Shared memory, Message queues, semaphores)
> Additional features in SVR4 from USL:
> new boot process.
> ksh
> real time extensions
> Service access facility
> Enhancements to STREAMS

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