[TUHS] What sparked lint? [Was: Unix stories]

Ron Natalie ron at ronnatalie.com
Fri Jan 6 07:51:08 AEST 2017

Indeed.    I went to Toronto in 1979 (I remember my boss paying me while I was gone) and was working at BRL in 1980 when we went to UDel.

I remember working the AV for Mike Muuss as he was giving is BRL CAD presentation.    He started off with “The Ballistic Research Laboratory is the Army’s Lead in Vulnerability and Lethality Analysis” which got a hot of hisses.    Years later I was having dinner with Mark Krieger, then president of Unipress software, and looking at him and saying “Didn’t you get booed off the stage at the UDel UUG?”   I couldn’t remember the circumstances until he then told me that he was half of Whitesmith’s at the time (and talking about their Idris commercial product and the UUG had a definite non-commercial bent at the time).    I told him I was always kind of amused by the Whitesmith’s C Compiler license stamp that they sent you to stick to your VAX.   Like the Whitesmith’s police were going to raid your facility to make sure you had it.    He said he had left Whitesmiths by then, but the stickers let him know that Plauger had really gone off the deep end.


A few months later I found that someone had actually stuck the stamp on a machine at the Rutgers-Newark campus.    I carefully peeled it off and gave it to Mark.


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