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>I did kernel work on the PA for HP also worked on their X server (did a few other X server >over the years).

>The hard part would be finding anybody from these companies who could even remember
>they made computers let alone had  UNIX software.

I worked for the computer division in Philips Electronics, DEC,
Compaq, HP, HPE and still remember some of it :-)

I wasn't involved in OS development, but in testing, turnover to
National Sales Organisations, etc. Even now at some customer side I
still have a few aDEC400xP servers from 1992 running SCO UNIX 3.2V4.2
(last update 1999). Also a few AlphaServers with Digital UNIX, Tru64;
finally some Itanium servers with HP-UX 11.23/11.31.

Especially the big/small endian issue gave our customer (and therefore
myself) a few headaches. Imagine getting a chunk of shared memory and
casting pointers assuming the 'system' takes care of alignment. Big
surprise for the customer moving from Tru64 to HP-UX.

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