[TUHS] the guy who brought up SVr4 on Sun machines

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Thu Jan 5 18:12:19 AEST 2017

On Wednesday, January 4, 2017, Larry McVoy <lm at mcvoy.com> wrote:

> On Thu, Jan 05, 2017 at 04:00:06PM +1300, Wesley Parish wrote:
> > My understanding which was that of an interested layman in 1991 and just
> > bitten by the bug, and based upon the comments of some of the computer
> > science staff of the U of Canterbury, NZ, at that time, is that 386BSD
> > held everybody's attention. (I mentioned in 1992 reading about Linux in
> > a computer mag to one of them and he told me 386BSD was where the action
> > was.) i80386 PCs were relatively cheap, BSD was (relatively) free from
> > AT&T's legal claims, and 386BSD was even freer and targeted that cheap
> > powerhorse. My guess is that if Sun had spun off a Free SunOS, it
> would've
> > been ported to the 386.  What would've happened then is anyone's guess.
> So I know the 386BSD guy, Bill Jolitz.  He worked for me at Sun, I hired
> him because of, well some Usenix details that are best left untold.  He
> was unfairly hurt by Usenix, that's as much as I'll say.
> He's a good guy, a little weird, but so am I.  He did some great work
> in 386BSD, it was ahead of Linux.  I remember going into Fry's and
> sticking a 386BSD floppy in to see if it would boot.  It usually did.

It had tons of bugs though.  That is why Jordan Hubbard and Rod Grimes
started unofficial 386BSD patchkit which transformed into FreeBSD;
"unofficial" because Bill Jolitz was very hard to work with, to say the

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