[TUHS] lost ports

Larry McVoy lm at mcvoy.com
Thu Jan 5 07:58:39 AEST 2017

I worked on the ETA-10 (CDC spinoff, Neil Lincoln was the architect):


No idea if the code is still around, I would guess it's lost.  Be fun
if it showed up, I wrote a kmem "driver" so I could get my own version
of ps(1) to run.  As I recall, it was an ioctl that just fed me back
everything I needed, it wasn't a kmem driver at all, this was my first
real job after grad school and I had no idea how to write a driver :)

On Wed, Jan 04, 2017 at 09:24:37PM +0000, ron minnich wrote:
> So there are a few ports I know of that I wonder if they ever made it back
> into that great github repo.I don't think they did.
> harris
> gould
> That weird BBN 20-bit machine
>    (20 bits? true story: 5 4-bit modules fit in a 19" rack. So 20 bits)
> Alpha port (Tru64)
> Precision Architecture
> Unix port to Cray vector machines
> others? What's the list of "lost machines" look like? Would companies
> consider a donation, do you think?
> If that Cray port is of any interest I have a thread I can push on maybe.
> but another true story: I visited DEC in 2000 or so, as LANL was about to
> spend about $120M on an Alpha system. The question came up about the SRM
> firmware for Alpha. As it was described to me, it was written in BLISS and
> the only machine left that could build it was an 11/750, "somewhere in the
> basement, man, we haven't turned that thing on in years". I suspect there's
> a lot of these containing oxide oersteds of interest.
> ron

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