[TUHS] lost ports

ron minnich rminnich at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 07:24:37 AEST 2017

So there are a few ports I know of that I wonder if they ever made it back
into that great github repo.I don't think they did.

That weird BBN 20-bit machine
   (20 bits? true story: 5 4-bit modules fit in a 19" rack. So 20 bits)
Alpha port (Tru64)
Precision Architecture
Unix port to Cray vector machines

others? What's the list of "lost machines" look like? Would companies
consider a donation, do you think?

If that Cray port is of any interest I have a thread I can push on maybe.

but another true story: I visited DEC in 2000 or so, as LANL was about to
spend about $120M on an Alpha system. The question came up about the SRM
firmware for Alpha. As it was described to me, it was written in BLISS and
the only machine left that could build it was an 11/750, "somewhere in the
basement, man, we haven't turned that thing on in years". I suspect there's
a lot of these containing oxide oersteds of interest.

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