[TUHS] First release of 2.11BSD conversion

Nick Downing downing.nick at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 15:46:43 AEST 2017

hi all,

For those who have been following my 2.11BSD conversion, I was working
on this in about 2005 and I might have posted about it then, and then
nothing much happened while I did a university degree and so on, but
recently I picked it up again. When I left it, I was partway through
an ambitious conversion of the BSD build system to my own design (a
file called "defs.mk" was included in all Makefiles apparently), and I
threw this out because it was too much work upfront. The important
build tools like "cc" were working, but I have since reviewed all
changes and done things differently. The result is I can now build the
C and kernel libraries and a kernel, and they work OK.

This seems like a pretty good milestone so I'm releasing the code on bitbucket.
See https://bitbucket.org/nick_d2/ for the list of my repositories,
there is another one there called "uzi" which is a related project,
but not document so I will write about it later, in the meantime
anyone is welcome to view the source and changelogs of it.

The 2.11BSD repository is at the following link:
There is a detailed readme.txt in the root of repository which
explains exactly how I approached the conversion and gives build
instructions, caveats and so forth. To avoid duplication I won't post
this in the list, but I suggest people read it as a post, since it's
extremely interesting to see all the porting issues laid out together.

Happy browsing :)

cheers, Nick

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