[TUHS] MacOS X is Unix (tm)

Tim Bradshaw tfb at tfeb.org
Mon Jan 2 06:12:47 AEST 2017

Well: where I work the default desktop is RHEL as far as I know (there are management and admin people who have Windows desktops I think, and laptops are Windows).  This is a scientific environment however: if there were not desktop linux systems they'd need an even bigger farm of headless machines (probably VMs) so there was cultural compatibility with the HPC.  And of course mail is Outlook/Citrix so they cheat there.

I think the answer is that it works if you remember that you are not deploying 'Linux' but RHEL or Ubuntu (or MacOS!) or whatever.  Scale also helps.


> On 1 Jan 2017, at 19:33, David <david at kdbarto.org> wrote:
> Linux is to diversified at this point to make it to the desktop any time soon.

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