[TUHS] Un-released/internal/special UNIX versions/ports during the years?

Lars Brinkhoff lars at nocrew.org
Mon Feb 27 04:32:46 AEST 2017

"Ron Natalie" <ron at ronnatalie.com> writes:
> > I'd have to check the chronology but I'm fairly sure that EINE
> > predates Gosling Emacs by several years: I'd assume that either EINE
> > is where Gosling got the idea, or that it was just obvious, since
> > Emacs came from an environment where implementing things in Lisp was
> > not a strange idea, to put it rather mildly.
> Tim is right.   EINE predates Gosling's EMACS by a few years.   Of course,
> it uses LISP as an extension language not because they thought that would be
> novel but since the whole thing was implemented in LISP to begin with (much
> as you could extend the TECO EMACS with more TECO).

RMS credits Multics Emacs with the idea to use Lisp as the extension

    The language that you build your extensions on shouldn't be thought
    of as a programming language in afterthought; it should be designed
    as a programming language. In fact, we discovered that the best
    programming language for that purpose was Lisp.

    It was Bernie Greenberg, who discovered that it was. He wrote a
    version of Emacs in Multics MacLisp, and he wrote his commands in
    MacLisp in a straightforward fashion. The editor itself was written
    entirely in Lisp. Multics Emacs proved to be a success great
    programming new editing commands was so convenient that even the
    secretaries in his office started learning how to use it.


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