[TUHS] Un-released/internal/special UNIX versions/ports during the years?

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I didn't say that GNU wasn't a necessary part, it's just I think RMS feels he lost control of things when LINUX displaced his plans for the kernel.   Obviously, much of the user mode is entirely beholden to the GNU project starting with GCC and the run tlime libraries.    The only major system that really isn't is the display system which is X.

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> Of course, he got run over by LINUX along the way.

...and even today, while the GNU userland sees reasonable use (just about every Linux distribution targetting the desktop or server niches use it, except for the few minimalistic ones that rely primarily on Busybox, so it's pretty hard to run Linux and not GNU), GNU Hurd lives a life of obscurity and few even know what it is, let alone knows anyone who uses it for anything even half-way serious.

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