[TUHS] Mach for i386 / Mt Xinu or other

Wesley Parish wes.parish at paradise.net.nz
Tue Feb 21 10:12:46 AEST 2017

I think we can lay a lot of the blame for that major annoyance on the two related facts:
a: there is no universal windowing system everybody adheres to, just two major commercial ones with 
spin-offs for smartphones and the like;
b: a lot of Linux developers are chasing MS Windows in hope of desktop market share and copy MS 
Windows features and misfeatures.

A major irony is that MS Windows itself has chased Linux somewhat on the graphical user interface 
front - Linux was the platform of GUI redesign for OLPC and Android, Microsoft took the bait and tried 
it as a desktop in MS Win 8.0 and got slammed for it.

Setting out standards for a herd of cats is not much of an option; the best one could do is publish RFCs 
giving a list of features that have been proven to work in practice and hope for the best.

Wesley Parish

Quoting Steve Nickolas <usotsuki at buric.co>:

> On Mon, 20 Feb 2017, Steve Johnson wrote:
> > In terms of following the Unix philosophy, the widow managers on Linux
> > are getting more bizarre by the year.  Hitting a key at random by 
> > mistake can cause windows to disappear, screens of unknown utility to
> > appear, everything to disappear, etc.  Setting options to try to
> achieve 
> > some kind of consistency is totally different in each system.  Etc. 
> > etc.   There seems to be no larger organizing principle at work...
> Which is probably truer than you realize.
> -uso.

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