[TUHS] Reorganising the Unix Archive?

Joerg Schilling schily at schily.net
Tue Feb 21 04:06:28 AEST 2017

William Corcoran <wlc at jctaylor.com> wrote:

> But, is there somewhere a main distribution for Research 7, v7m 2.1, or BSD 2.11 that has all of the original SCCS deltas (leaf and non-leaf)? 
> This would be extremely revealing. If we could view the SCCS comments (sccs prs) and the underlying code, it would be incredibly valuable. 
> Please forgive me if this has been asked a million times.  I just can't find it.  Once SCCS was heavily used, was there a codebase that housed all of these distributions?  

If you have access to the CSRG UNIX archives, you could fetch the latest SCCS 
sources from within the schily-tools:


compile it by just calling "make" and then:

cd CSRG_Archive_4
sccs -R log > /tmp/file

This gives you better readable results and it has the advantage that you get
a listing that span the whole tree and combine daltas that happened within 
24 hours and used the same delta message.

Here is a small part as an example:

Thu May  8 10:29:39 1980 bill 
        * ./sys/kern/init_main.c 3.4 
        * ./sys/vax/uba/vp.c 3.2 
        * ./sys/vax/uba/va.c 3.2 
        * ./sys/kern/kern_proc.c 3.3 
        * ./sys/kern/kern_synch.c 3.7 
        * ./sys/kern/tty_subr.c 3.2 
        * ./sys/vax/vax/machdep.c 3.4 
        * ./sys/vax/mba/ht.c 3.2 
        * ./sys/vax/mba/hp.c 3.3 
        * ./sys/vax/vax/flp.c 3.2 
        * ./sys/kern/kern_clock.c 3.5 
        * ./sys/kern/kern_physio.c 3.4 
        * ./sys/kern/vfs_cluster.c 3.4 
        * ./sys/kern/vfs_bio.c 3.4 
Thu May  8 10:15:38 1980 bill 
        * ./sys/sys/conf.h 3.2 
          addition for netldis 
Thu May  8 10:14:51 1980 bill 
        * ./sys/sys/tty.h 3.2 
          added BNETLDIS 
Thu May  8 10:13:56 1980 bill 
        * ./sys/kern/tty.c 3.2 
          modified to support TIOCSETD reasonably 

The code at: CSRG_Archive_4 contains 108604 deltas in total.


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