[TUHS] Mach for i386 / Mt Xinu or other

Jason Stevens jsteve at superglobalmegacorp.com
Sun Feb 19 23:46:47 AEST 2017

It's a net/2 something much later.  I'm interested in what would have been an encumbered pre net/2 release of 4.2 or 4.3 for the i386...  I found out that CMU had BSD running on Mach, and I suspect there is straight ports as well.  It's that evelotionary dead end of 386 UNIX from 1986-1991 that interests me as they clearly could have had the market but they obviously blew it.

On February 19, 2017 3:01:04 PM GMT+08:00, Steve Nickolas <usotsuki at buric.co> wrote:
>On Sun, 19 Feb 2017, jsteve at superglobalmegacorp.com wrote:
>> True, but It’s not 4.3 BSD … I was hoping for something vintage of
>> era, just as Solaris 11 is SYSV, but it’s nothing like SYSVr2 on the 
>> VAX….
>> And historical is far more interesting than something I can just go
>> retail….  Speaking as someone who’s own a NeXT, and even bought OS X 
>> Server 1.0 on release.
>Isn't Jolix essentially Reno, if a 4.3BSD is what you're after?

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