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Larry McVoy lm at mcvoy.com
Sat Feb 18 03:06:15 AEST 2017

This is some fascinating reading.  Read the stuff in ports/ipc.

On Fri, Feb 17, 2017 at 11:51:43AM -0500, Noel Chiappa wrote:
>     > OK, we're starting to get through all the clearances needed to release
>     > the non-MIT Unix systems
> We have now completed (as best we can) the OK's for the 'BBN TCP/IP V6 Unix',
> and I finally bestirred myself to add in the documentation I found for it,
> and crank out a tarball, available here:
>   http://ana-3.lcs.mit.edu/~jnc/tech/pdp11/tmp/bbn.tar
> It includes all the documentation files I found for the Rand and BBN code (in
> the ./doc directory); included are the original NROFF source to the two Rand
> publications about ports, and several BBN reports.
> This is an early TCP/IP Unix system written at BBN. It was not the first
> TCP/IP Unix; that was one done at BBN in MACRO-11, based on a TCP done in
> MACRO-11 by Jim Mathis at SRI for the TIU (Terminal nterface Unit).
> This networking code is divided into three main groups. First there is
> code for the kernel, which includes IPC enhancements to Unix, including
> Rand ports, as well as further extensions to that done at BBN for the
> earlier TCP - the capac() and await() calls. It also includes a IMP
> interface driver (the code only interfaced to the ARPANET at this point in
> time). Next, TCP is implemented as a daemon which ran as a single process
> which handled all the connections. Finally, other programs implement
> applications; TELNET is the only one provided at this point in time.
> The original port code was written by Steven Zucker at Rand; the extensions
> done at BBN were by Jack Haverty. The TCP was mostly written by Mike
> Wingfield, apparently with some assistance by Jon Dreyer. Dan Franklin
> apparently wrote the TELNET.
> Next, I'll be working on the MIT-CSR machine. That's going to take quite a
> while - it's a whole system, with a lot of applications. It does include FTP,
> SMTP, etc, though, so it will be a good system for anyone who wants to run V6
> with TCP on a /23. We'll have to write device drivers for whatever networking
> cards are out there, though.
> 	Noel

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