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While testing a crazy project I wanted to get working I came across this ancient link:



Newsgroups: comp.os.mach
Subject: Mach for i386 - want to beta?
Message-ID: <1364 at mtxinu.UUCP>
Date: 2 Oct 90 17:12:19 GMT
Reply-To: scherrer at mtxinu.COM (Deborah Scherrer)
Organization: mt Xinu, Berkeley
Lines: 24

Mt Xinu is currently finishing up its release of 2.6 MSD for the i386.
2.6 MSD is a CMU-funded standard distribution of the Mach kernel,
release-engineered with the following:
	2.5 Mach kernel, with NFS & BSD-tahoe enhancements
	Transarc's AFS
	most of the 4.3-tahoe BSD release
	Andrew Tool Kit
	Camelot transaction processing system
	Cornell's ISIS distributed programming environment
	most of the FSF utilities
	a few other nifty things


Was any of this stuff ever saved?  I know on the CSRG CD there is some buried source for Mach 2.5 although I haven’t seen anything on where to even start to compile it, how or even how to boot it...  I know Mach is certainly not fast, nor all that ‘small’ but it’d be interesting to see a 4.3BSD on a PC!
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