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Joerg Schilling schily at schily.net
Fri Feb 10 08:48:36 AEST 2017

Larry McVoy <lm at mcvoy.com> wrote:

> > America is first world.  This statement declassifies most of
> > Germanies countryside as second world, at maximum.  I for one am
> > happy if i get a constant stream equivalent to ISDN.  In the outer
> > region of a city in one of the richest parts of Germany, that is.
> Really?  I thought that America was trailing in broadband.  And in
> Germany?  I'm stunned, usually we're looking at Germany and sighing
> about how much better run it is than our country.  You guys are very
> efficient.  How is it possible that you have crappy internet, are you
> sure that's normal?

What technology is available depends on where you are located.

Around 1980, I designed and build a 300 Baud modem and used it together with a 
VT50a (12x80 uppercase only) from home. Then in 1991 we designed and build an 
ISDN adaptor for a Sun-3/50 with some friends (I had plenty of them from 
H.Berthold AG at that time). We installed some of them in the TU-Berlin and 
this way could use the internet from home.

I got my own ISDN at home in 1992 and switched from DSL to VDSL in march 2008.

>From an offer from German Telekom, I could get ADSL with 16Mbit even in my 
weekend house 60 km from the center of Berlin. The property is in a nature 
conservation area. 5km from this place, wolves have been seen.....

German Telekom will shut down ISDN in Germany to the end of this year and my
ISDN connection has been converted into SIP two months ago...

But hey, on November 12 1877, the worlds first phone company started their 
services in Berlin and in 1923 the first auto-dial phone system opened in 

I am not sure where Steffen exactly lives and why he has problems.

What is hard to get and expensive (iff) in Germany is internet over optical.


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