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Fri Feb 10 05:50:37 AEST 2017

On Thu, Feb 9, 2017 at 4:19 AM, Paul Ruizendaal <pnr at planet.nl> wrote:

> The best one seems to have been the 3Com stack, which puts IP in the
> kernel and TCP in a daemon.

​This is true.​

> By the way, this implementation is also
> ​ ​
> where SLIP seems to have originated.

​hmmm...   I'm not so sure I see that leap/where you came to that
conclusion.  I'm guessing you are thinking same from the picture on page 37
where Bob shows an RS-232 driver in the architectural diagram.  FYI:   The
code base came with a 3Cxxx driver for their Ethernet board only and as I
said, the Steve Glaser wrote the second driver for the Unibus HyperChannel
and I think there was a driver for the Xerox 3Meg ethernet controller but I
don't remember ever seeing it in the source kit.

FYI: If my memory serves me, the first SLIP implementations for any IP
stack were done I thought for some reason at Harvard with some hacks to the
BBN/MIT tcp stack on the DZ drivers as an alternative to the Berknet stack
(not IP).  FYI: Berknet was very low costs, 9600baud serial point to point
to links, primarily for moving mail and small files, we can take this off
line if you need to know more.
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