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Steffen Nurpmeso steffen at sdaoden.eu
Fri Feb 10 05:05:34 AEST 2017

Larry McVoy <lm at mcvoy.com> wrote:
 |On Thu, Feb 09, 2017 at 06:24:12PM +0100, Steffen Nurpmeso wrote:
 |> Larry McVoy <lm at mcvoy.com> wrote:
 |>|Exactly.  I live in the Santa Cruz mountains, which is awesome (well,
 |>  ...
 |>|quite remote, we have a mountain lion that comes through here nightly
 |> That is pretty cool!  Some are still alive!!
 |Good lord, tons and tons are alive.  I wanted the one that got my dog
 |moved and Fish & Game flat out told me there was no place to move it 
 |that didn't already have other mountain lions.  

At least it didn't get you.  Very frightening.  It surely will not
help you or your dog, we even loose our last little wildcats these
days...  For cameras of the white some african bushmen steal fresh
meat directly from Lions, which can be fooled so much, completely
bewildered.  Also that young French girl which simply talked to
all animals and became accepted, in Africa that is, i forgot her
name.  Your dog did not know all that.. i am really sorry.

 |>|In spite of that, I'm typing away to you all, I'm 3ms away from
 |>|(Google's dns server).  Go wireless.  It's pretty remarkable to be here
 |>|and have decent net connectivity.
 |> America is first world.  This statement declassifies most of
 |> Germanies countryside as second world, at maximum.  I for one am
 |> happy if i get a constant stream equivalent to ISDN.  In the outer
 |> region of a city in one of the richest parts of Germany, that is.
 |Really?  I thought that America was trailing in broadband.  And in
 |Germany?  I'm stunned, usually we're looking at Germany and sighing
 |about how much better run it is than our country.  You guys are very
 |efficient.  How is it possible that you have crappy internet, are you
 |sure that's normal?

Clean Diesel is only a paper moon.  To quote Monty Python, and
that piece of shit that life is, if you look at it.  [Smile]

But this is an everlasting story it seems, already at ISDN times
some villages connected themselves via privately funded fast
point-to-point wireless, for example.  Just recently (one or two
years ago) a complete region not more than about 10 kilometres
away (eastwards) from the "hot" north-south line Frankfurt
/ Darmstadt / Mannheim|Ludwigshafen / Heidelberg had to use
private money in order to become connected to i think DSL.  Must
be two years, i remember seeing a lot of advertisment posters
plastered all over the region last summer, where the telecom
companies now offered pretty cheap service even in this region!
But running on environment payed by people has always been the
base, anyway.  But that on top of normal taxes, that makes you
feel second-class it seems to me: votes show up which suggest just
that.  Have i told this already, by the way?  Uh, i hope not.

All this is nothing against the worldwide phenomenon of
urbanisation, of course.  Here we have villages which ran out of
doctors, and even bakeries.  Very much of a problem given that
many villages consist only of old people.  In Spain and Italy many
small villages even turned to ghost towns.  Well, so it is.
And at least most of us still have enough freshwater for plants,
animals and humans.  How about that, where will i get my almonds
from if California has no more water nor these brown-skinned farm
workers?  I am also in fear for this excellent organic olive oil
from Crete, it will become a desert hopefully not to soon.
Oh what a life you had, with those six meter Cadillacs without
a roof, and then the Californian sun.  grrrrrrrr.

Hm.  Wireless will get better (i am ~550 msec away from my --
right now), and lesser people can steal copper cable from out of
the grounds.  What will they do.


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