[TUHS] Names of famous, historical UNIX machines?

Larry McVoy lm at mcvoy.com
Thu Feb 2 07:33:31 AEST 2017

Oh, I've got some.  Not that old, 80's.

	slovax - 11/750 that had the BSD sources on it.  Spent many a happy
		hour reading there and I've always had a personal machine
		called slovax ever since.  mcvoy.com internally is slovax.
	speedy - 8600 that was the main research/faculty machine.  Also

Tokoyo Institute of Technology (TIT)
	So the back story here is I was one of the Unix geeks doing a Unix
	port to the ETA-10.  TIT was taking delivery of a big liquid cooled
	machine and of course we weren't ready.  I got sent over with 3 tapes,
	one was the baseline that was sort of checked in, one was my port of
	Lachman (who bought it from I think Convergent)'s TCP/IP stack, and
	one was some VM thing, I think big pages but I'm not sure.

	They sent me over there with a small replica of our development 
	environment (Sun 3/260 file / compute server and 2 3/50 workstations)
	and told me "Merge this stuff and install it, TIT wants all of it".

	So I get to Tokoyo and the machines show up and I'm installing SunOS
	and I have to name them:

	3/260: BigTIT
	3/50: LeftTIT
	3/50: RightTIT

	and I even put them physically how you would imagine.

	It only lasted until they figured out what it meant but I didn't get
	in trouble.  Because a different story had just happened that had
	made the Japanese sales guys bust up in laughter and they had taken
	me out we all got shit faced a few days before I had to rename the
	machines.  Happy to share that story if anyone is still reading :)

	The source machines that held the SCCS history before they went to


That's all I can think of for now, not sure if any of it is actually that
all interesting.
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