[TUHS] v6 lecture notes

Wolfgang Helbig helbig at mailbox.org
Wed Feb 1 20:34:48 AEST 2017

my site at the ba-stuttgart was removed. It hosted course ware for my
unix v6 lecture. This includes:
Unix Programmer's Manual (aka man pages)
Documents for use with the Unix Time-Sharing System
prepared as postscript files.
I provided the man pages as HTML-pages with the references replaced by

The lecture notes contain tips for installing v6 on the simh emulator,
a description of the pdp11 instruction set and hardware as well as
a description of unix v6, including booting, kernel and user land software.

So if anyone is interested let me know.

Wolfgang Helbig
Stauferstr. 22
71334 Waiblingen

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