[TUHS] XINU for the 68000 / 68010

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The relationship with GNU & SUN would be that the SUN & VAX were the first target platforms for GCC/GAS/Binutils.  So it would have been expected that if you were running a 68000 version of GCC it’d probably be running on a SUN-2 or SUN-3.  Not to mention it was their build platform as mentioned here:


There is some additional platforms here:


I haven’t tried to run any of it yet though.

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Jason Stevens <jsteve at superglobalmegacorp.com> wrote:

> I came across this page while looking for man pages to SYSVr3 for
> someone...   Completely unrelated but I thought it’d be interesting
> to someone.  Apparently it can be built with GCC/GAS/Binutils from a
> 680x0 based SUN.

Small clarification: The AT&T 3B1 isn't related to Suns. It was
made for AT&T by Convergent. It was a nice box; I owned one for a while
and have many happy memories thereof.

> http://unixpc.taronga.com/xinu7300/

Hmmm, are there other Xinu versions in the archive?



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