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> I can’t believe this is a latent defect.
​Oh I can... SVR1 was not run on 16 bit machines that much I suspect.   By
the time SVR1 came on the scene, the VAX and ​

​68K were the primary UNIX systems.  AT&T was pushing the 3B but except for
the Telco's not getting much luck.

​I'd look at the C runtime library.  I bet there is a overflow.  IIRC: The
BSD compiler (and Research) compilers used a different buffering scheme​
​ that the Summit folks did - Steve may remember the argument (I only
remember because I ran into that squirmish a few years early when the my
thesis work was causing an strange error  in the BSD runtime - I found and
fixed it and mentioned it to Dennis who had the same problem in the V8
compiler at that time).

The point is that 'standard' system in Summit by this time was likely to
been a 3B and Vaxen (i.e. 32 bit) and if there was something that was
assuming a 32 bit int in the runtime and it ran on PDP-11, it could easily
have not been tested.

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