[TUHS] Early Clones / Rewrites for TUHS archives

Larry McVoy lm at mcvoy.com
Thu Dec 14 02:58:14 AEST 2017

On Wed, Dec 13, 2017 at 08:46:41AM -0500, Clem Cole wrote:
> I remember Leor bringing BDS C <http://www.bdsoft.com/resources/bdsc.html>and
> his Unix emulation for CP/M to a Boston USENIX 

I wrote a lot of code in BDS C, remember it fondly (even though it's stdio
was non-stdio :)

I never heard about any Unix emulation from him, do you mean the libraries
or something else.

I ask because I wrote a bunch of tiny CP/M programms, in assembler because
I was using every trick I could to make them small.  I believe the ones I
had on every floppy were:


and each one of those I made fit in either one or two 512 byte sectors
because they weren't memory resident, it had to spin up the floppy and
read them in each time I ran them.  So I wanted them small for two
reasons: speed of reading them in and not taking up precious space on
the floppy.

I had a utils floppy that had larger programs on it, like grep, my quicknet
terminal emulator/file transfer tool (I wish I had saved the source to that).

my CP/M machine was an Okidata with a color(!)  monitor and a built in
printer with two floppies so I could do work on one floppy and get the
utils on the other.  Hmm, wonder if there is picture of that machine
on the net?  Of course there is:


So Clem, did Leor do any utilities that I didn't know about or are you
talking about his not so standard C library?


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