[TUHS] Early Clones

Rudi Blom rudi.j.blom at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 11:52:14 AEST 2017

actually not an early clone but a late(r), Philips MPX
(Multi-processor UNIX) based on SystemV running on Moterola CPUs.

Mostly sold in the (Retail) Banking Industry as branch server. The "M"
was more related to having various boards running their own UNIX. That
would be an Ethernet board and one Networking board for SDLC and X.25.
These boards run their own copy of unix to 'offload' the main CPU.

I've worked with this UNIX but more a system tester, interface to
National Sales Organisations. No idea where the source is, but guess
it would be IP of Philips (or DEC, or Compaq, or HP, or HPE) if anyone
still remembers that is.

For a (very) short while there was also an Intel CPU based version,
but dropped in favour of SCO UNIX when DEC bought Philips Computer

A very little bit in this 1987 article.

uncle rubl

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